Cool Things for Your Garage

Cool Things for Your GarageThere are some things no garage should be without. Most garages are littered with traditional hand or garden tools and various sports equipment. But what is missing from your garage that you must have? No one knows more about cool things for your garage than the Wichita KS garage door repair experts, and we’ve compiled a list of everything your garage needs.

  1. Utility Knife

Utility knives are one of the cheapest tools you can buy, but you’ll definitely use it on a regular basis. We recommend purchasing a utility knife with a retractable blade. Replacement blades are also inexpensive, and they should be changed regularly. With dull blades, you run the risk of causing injuries.

  1. Tool Box Refrigerator

cool things for your garage You can be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood with a tool box refrigerator. While it looks like a traditional, everyday toolbox, it is anything but. The tool box refrigerator includes two drawers for tools and a separate refrigerator compartment. You’ll never have to go back in the house for a snack or a cold drink again! A basic tool box refrigerator costs just over a hundred dollars.

  1. Wall Storage System

Wall storage systems allow you to better organize everything in your garage. You can configure and customize the wall storage panels to fit the dimensions of your garage. You can also add hooks, shelves and trays to separate bigger or smaller items. These systems are great for tools, sporting equipment and anything else you need to hang or store. The price for wall storage systems varies greatly, as you could spend as little as $20.00 or as much as $2,000.

  1. Overhead Storage Systems

And making your storage space capacity rise like a phoenix, garage storage systems are also available. In addition to wall storage systems, overhead garage storage systems can quickly clear up the clutter. These overhead systems can hold thousands of pounds and are perfect for storing seasons items, such as Christmas and Halloween decorations or summer or winter clothing. Overhead storage systems allow you to maximize the true space in your garage and can be installed for under $500.

  1. Bench Vice

cool things for your garageA bench vice will likely be the most useful tool you can store in your garage or workshop. You can use a bench vice for any cutting, grinding, welding or hammering job. Bench vices are also cheap to acquire, as you can pick up one used or second hand. And what’s more, these durable vices will last for decades.