Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Replacement Wichita KS

garagedoortorsionsping-wichita-ksWhen your garage door torsion or extension springs snap, they will cause your garage door to be unbalanced, make the opener work extra hard to lift the door, or the door will crash down and not be able to lift back up at all! We can solve these problems for you today with our garage door spring repair service to all of Wichita and surrounding areas.

We carry the highest quality steel springs on the market, and we will have the springs you need in our mobile service vehicles about 99% of the time. If your garage is a custom model, very old or uses a custom spring, we will be happy to custom order some for you or install a pair that you have purchased elsewhere. Let us fix your broken springs today, call us for a free estimate 7 days a week!

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